What is Mindful Morning

What is Mindful Morning?


Set yourself up for success. 

How you start your day mirrors how you live your life. Mindful Morning swaps a rushed wake-up call for a nourishing way to set up the day. Our physical health works in tandem with our mental health, and both are either nurtured or impaired by our food choices. Sasha and Aditi use the tools of mediation, asana, and delicious, clean eats to care for the body from within.

After yoga and guided meditation, MM guests are encouraged to ask questions and share about their experiences - with the group or privately. The open platform for candid discussion about self-care, self-inquiry, and what and how we eat, results in a blossoming, supportive community (not to mention a really solid group of people to share a meal and matcha with!)

Join us in building global awareness about how we treat ourselves and each other beginning with these powerful techniques to greet each and every day.